Whatever you do, DO NOT start a blog

I made a mistake starting this blog, I mean it. I thought that writing a blog would be fun, but I found out that in actuality, it’s not. The blog gets no traffic, literally, I’ve only had 2-3 visitors and I have no idea how they got here. They are probably wondering the same thing.

A blog at first seems like a joy: I’ll write a blog, write to where people can enjoy what I write, I’ll interact with them, I’ll make a bunch of products to support them. This will be my life.

Well, not only was I wrong, I was mega-wrong. I had no success getting even 1 click from Twitter. My attempt to buy traffic failed when google kept rejecting my site. Then my desire to do any of the actual work went away. It’s just a huge amount of work for very little gain.

Primarily because you just have no audience. I think for the effort it takes it would be far better to create a youtube channel and make videos. There you have a platform, and while it could be crowded, at least you can carve out a niche. With blogging your competition is literally the entire internet.

That’s pretty daunting I’d say. The other thing you learn is that WordPress itself is a lot of work, getting it all up and running. Meh. I got it working, but only to have to fail to pass google’s ad board. Considering how bad the Ads normally are that is really saying something.

So here I am, I have to slog away. I hate writing but here I am doing it. Not because I want to but because I have penalized myself if I don’t do it. I don’t even want traffic, I really don’t. I just don’t’ want to have this site.

Self-discipline can be helpful though, in reality, most good things are accomplished that way. So I will write. I will continue on, even when it makes no sense. I will write, I will continue on even when there is no hope. I will write because success isn’t a worthy goal. The only goal is productivity.

While these words may be useless they are in fact mine. I’m going to write to fulfill what I said I would do, but only because I have set a penalty if I don’t. In the next article,  I’ll explain why I did it and how it works.

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