2 Week Plan To Generate Traffic To This Site

So I am now setting out on a two-week plan to drum up some traffic for this site. Years ago I had a blog on years ago that got 200 views a day on average, which would be a fantastic goal for me to aim for right now.

That was much easier with since they drive traffic to your site through their own internal search engine. This time I’m having to drive that traffic myself, and it’s not an easy road as we all know. For me though that’s why I’m doing this business, so I can experiment, I know have a great opportunity to do so and a plan!

First, let’s talk about what I’ve tried.


I create a Twitter account for the site I have no idea why it’s not MrGrubber, but rather GrubberMr. Who knows, maybe I was just too tired while I was creating the account. Shouldn’t be a deal-breaker either way though.

I posted twice on Twitter as this screen show will show.

I’d love to say it generated a good amount of traffic but… Nope. Zero traffic. The text-only link on the bottom generated 15 views from those 2 hash tags, and the top one, with the image, got just 10 views. But no actual clicks, these were just twitter engagements.

Google Ad Words

I figured I’d try to generate some traffic via google ad words. It seemed that for $5 I could get about 150 clicks per day on my ad according to google. That seemed reasonable, at least as an experiment. I wasn’t going to make any money off it but I want to learn ad words anyway so why not give it a shot.

Welp, that didn’t work. Google rejected my website as being malware (which I assure you it’s not). It can’t have malware as there’s nothing to download on the site. It’s hard to say why they rejected it exactly, I’m going to investigate more, but for now, I realize I needed a multi-pronged approach to getting this working.

My New, Crazy Plan To Build An Audience

I’m not content to do anything if it’s not crazy, I’ll tell you that. I tried building a YouTube channel for Software Development about 8 years ago and made 30 videos in 20 days. I ended up getting over 300k views from those videos. But I had a full-time job and it wasn’t sustainable.

Still, it taught me something, there was some sort of marketplace out there for what I was building. There was something about my teaching style that resonated. I’m sure I could have built on it but I didn’t have the time.

Now my passion is finance and so that’s why I’m doing this vlog, I saved a bunch of money by completely revamping my life into a frugal wonderland, where I now live on about $1,000 down from $5,000 a month and I want to help others to break free from the rat race. So to achieve that here is my crazy experiment.

The Plan

  1. Write 5 blog posts per day for this site.
  2. Post all 5 posts on
  3. Post all 5 posts to
  4. Post all my posts to Twitter and Instagram.
  5. Create a Youtube video for each post.

5 Blog Posts per day

Originally I was planning to write longer articles, many of the ones I’ve written are over 2000 words. I’m going to scrap that for now. I’m going to write 5 blog posts a day, yes 5.

Why so many? Well, quite simply, I want to see what will happen. Will I gain more viewers? Will Google rank me higher? Will people actually want to read what I write?

I will still write longer articles but I’m going to make sure I have enough short ones as well.

Why post on Medium if I have my own site especially since you can’t even link to it? Simple, it’s free, I have the content and Medium will pay me something. I’ll also get to see what the engagement numbers are on that site. Can’t hurt!

Sure, why not, again it’s free traffic, and there I CAN link to my blog. I may just do partial articles with a link to “Read More at”, etc. As far as I know, won’t pay you for

Post To Twitter And Instagram

These are obvious but I figure it can’t hurt. I don’t know anything about growing traffic on those sites, so I’ll just do my 5 posts a day, add some hash tags, and go from there. Let’s see where we are at after 2 weeks.

All of these will of course link back to my blog. This will be me basically reading each post, but for now, I don’t feel like setting up video so it’ll be audio-only. Might as well start generating some content for youtube now.


That’s my crazy plan, in a nutshell, now it’s just time to execute. I’m really curious to see what lessons I will have learned along the way, that’s the goal in the end. Okay, well, this article is at 840 words now, I’m way over budget. On to the next one!

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